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Quickline Anchors | Swivels | Flat Rope

Eco Friendly- Instant Penetration and Holding

Ultra Marine West/ Quicklines Ultra Anchors


Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy one-piece construction of 316L stainless steel
  • Lead filled base and hollow shank forces anchor to set point first immediately
  • Concave fluke for great holding power
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Approval
  • Lifetime warranty

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Ultra Anchor- 316L Stainless Steel Construction
Ultra Anchor

Ultra Anchor Introduction and Demonstration

Anchor Table
Anchor Table

ULTRA Flip Swivel


Features and Benefits

  • Ultra Flip Swivel is the strongest device available to connect anchor rode to anchor- put an end to weaker swivels and shackles
  • Ultra Flip Swivel is designed to take side load up to the breaking strength of the Swivel - no need for shackle or chain between swivel and anchor as needed with other swivels that are not designed to take a side load
  • Compact design of the Ultra Flip Swivel shortens the required length between windlass and bow roller - reduces clutter on the foredeck and saves deck space
  • Constructed of polished 316L stainless steel â€" it will never rust or break, its breaking strength is greater than the chain
  • Hex headed pins with retaining screw will not rotate or work themselves free
  • Swivel ball allows the chain to move 30 degrees in any direction without disturbing or dislodging a set anchor
  • Bullet shape provides easy passage of connector and anchor over bow roller - will not bind like shackles
  • Open ball and socket design is self-cleaning so it always rotates
  • Teflon coated ball provides a more durable surface while ensuring a smoother rotation
  • Bridge loop supports anchor over the roller while the nub forces it to the side so anchor's own weight causes it to rotate into proper position, thus providing easier retrieval of the anchor and avoiding wear and tear on personnel, windlass and deck hardware
  • Ultra Flip Swivel enhances safety in that it reduces your time on a rolling deck. No more reaching over the bow rail to rotate the anchor into position to stow it

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ULTRA Swivel Introduction and Demonstration

ULTRA Flip Swivel Chart
Quickline Flat Rope and Reel

Quickline Flat Rope and Reel


Features and Benefits

  • The Quickline Flat Rope Reel provides a great way to stow long line for instant accessibility
  • Multiple uses include anchor rode, mooring line, dinghy towing, jacklines, or whenever extra line is needed quickly
  • The flat rope is designed to stretch and absorb sudden loads, relieving your deck hardware from unnecessary strain
  • Select either polyester nylon or floating polypropylene, in three line lengths of 135', 200', and 265'
  • Includes standard mounting hardware (for 25-30mm railings) and winding handle that can also be used in a standard winch
  • Optional single stanchion mounting bracket, or oversized rail clamps are available

Visit the Quickline USA Web Site for more information.

Quickline Flat Rope and Reel
Quickline Flat Rope and Reel

Flat Rope and Reel Introduction and Demonstration

Flat Rope and Reel Chart
Flat Rope and Reel