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       Marine environmental systems for water and air treatment.

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Yacht-Mate Products offers a full line of water and air treatment systems to handle all the health and environmental needs on your boat, yacht or marine vessel. Contact Us soon to consult for your needs.

Right: Dock-Mate Water Softeners

Water Softeners Dock-Mate™ Water softening system to control spotting, streaking and pitting from bow to stern.

Automatic Water Softening Systems

Clean Air and water Odor Controls Clean air and water using Advanced Oxidation Plasma (AOP).
Bilge Odor Control- Environmentally friendly. No chemicals used, no residue.

Air Conditioning Odor Control Biodegradable Gel Block Add-ons
BetterAir Probiotics
Purosphere Environmental Treatment

3M Water Filter Systems 3M Drinking Water Systems for filtration, treatment and reverse osmosis.

Sterilight VIQUA™ Ultaviolet disinfection system.
Sterilight™ & TrojanUVMax UV Systems

IceSea Yacht-Mate™ Ice Makers IceSea ice makers for continuous fresh and salt water ice making at sea.

Watermakers Yacht-Mate™ Watermakers for clean drinking water from sea water.

Marine Filters
Yacht-Mate™ Marine Filters Used for water makers, fresh water flush, sediment removal, taste and odor. Marine Filters

Marine Fittings Yacht-Mate™ Fittings John Guest fittings provide connectors, valves and hoses to connect any thread sizes including pre-made solutions.

Marine Accessories Yacht-Mate™ Accessories Brew Express coffee makers.

ULTRA Anchors ULTRA Anchors Eco Friendly- instant penetration and holding. ULTRA Swivels and Quickline Flat Rope and Reel.

3M Filter Replacements 3M Filter Replacements for drinking water systems.

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