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       Marine environmental systems for water and air treatment.

Yacht-Mate Systems Marine Odor Control

We Are Your One Stop Source for Marine Odors

Yacht-Mate Products offers a full line of water and air treatment Odor Control systems to handle all the health and environmental needs on your boat, yacht or marine vessel. Contact Us soon to consult for your needs.

Betterair Probiotics Betterair Probiotics
Betterair Probiotics is a patented technology designed to automatically distribute an organically crafted probiotic formula to ensure improved air quality and longer lasting surface cleanliness. Environmental Probiotics create a protective shield on hard surfaces and shared objects to help support your natural ability to protect against environmental irritants such as pollen and dust mite waste.

Gelair Air Conditioning Blocks Gelair Air Conditioning Odor Control
Biodegradable gel which slowly releases essential oil into the air while the air conditioning system operates. No alterations to the air conditioning system are required.

Clean Air and water iOX Air Sanitizers Plasma Odor Control
Advanced Oxidation Plasma (AOP) created by the iOX Air Sanitizers will clean, sanitize, and eliminate odors from all indoor areas of your vessel without using chemicals or leaving residues. Clean, sanitize, and eliminate odors from all indoor areas. Environmentally friendly.

Purosphere Environmental Treatment Purosphere Environmental Treatment
Purosphere Air Treatment kills odor causing bacteria at its source using ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. Purosphere Air Treatment does not mask odor, Purosphere eliminates odor completely.